About Us

Why do we exist?

“Interiors in Motion”

To design and produce high quality trimmed and upholstered products for environments and markets that require exacting standards of quality. Working with clients to ensure we provide them with a trusted service and design advice. We develop our products to the highest standards in comfort, functionality and ergonomics - always to the benefit of the end user.

Who are we?

Dave Sweeney

Operations Director

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After over a decade in the Royal Air Force as an electronics engineer, dealing with ground-based radars, satellite communications and network systems, Dave joined Jaguar Land Rover at their Castle Bromwich plant. Unlocking the biggest production bottleneck at the time in the plant, through his manufacturing experience, process implementation and facility upgrades, he was then seconded to Pune, India to help upscale production and Quality in JLRs venture oversees. An assignment lasting 3 years, the plant went from producing 2 mature models to the introduction of 7 new models and an additional production line. This assignment would have JLR Pune being the best in class for JLR Quality and Warranty metrics. On his return to the UK, Dave then supported a JLR critical Tier 1 supplier in the return of Quality products and OEM confidence in the plants’ production capabilities. Dave then joined Stylex as Quality manager and in the first 3 months took them through the new automotive accreditation of IATF whilst moving to the new standard of ISO 9001 & 14001. He then moved into the manufacturing manager role where he helped introduce a new annual £2m (sales) product whilst improving all metrics. His last assignment at Stylex was as Operations Director where he had responsibility for the plant operational functions.

Steve Cavell

Engineering Director

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Apprentice trained engineer with over 35 years industrial experience in Design Engineering and Programme Management. Stephen is process driven with a structured and methodical approach to product and process delivery. Following a 16 year career in Electro-Mechanical product design and manufacture, Stephen decided to broaden his knowledge and experience via the formation of a limited company consultancy. His client list extended to some of the largest Global Automotive Organisations and was fortunate enough to have been involved in major vehicle programme launches with OEM’s such as JLR, BMW, McLaren, SAIC and Toyota, all of which offered an opportunity for extensive travel throughout Europe and China. Stephen further enhanced his client portfolio by taking up a change implementation project management position with Bombardier Rail. His assignment was the London Underground Victoria Line Upgrade in support of the 2012 Olympic games, Stephen was influential in the success of the Victoria Line fleet achieving world class leading reliability with 84-day periodicity reports often in excess of 150,000km between faults against a contractual target of 30,000km. Prior to the formation of Kinobi Design Ltd., Stephen was appointed as Engineering Director serving the leisure industry in the design and manufacture of soft furnishings and seating trim for clients such as Swift, Autotrail, Lunar, Bailey and RP Motorhomes. With the introduction and roll-out of a Product Development Process, he was instrumental in successfully achieving IATF 16949 accreditation which was vital to the growth of the business. Stephen has a passion for challenging and pushing the boundaries of manufacturing capabilities to achieve results that exceed customer expectation.

Gilbert Tuplin

Commercial Director

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Following an apprenticeship in printing and allied trades, he joined HM Forces and trained as a photographer as well as successfully completing the All Arms Commando Course. After leaving HMF he completed a 2-year management training course with a high-volume precision engineering company. He then went on to hold senior procurement and supply chain roles for UK, US and European companies, working in the Far East, US and the UK. In 2008 he left the employed world and became a self-employed business consultant, specialising in procurement and supply chain along with ERP and business change programmes. Following numerous successful assignments for a number of large UK and European corporations, Gilbert has been working closely with SMEs across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. He is passionate about product design and UK manufacturing. It was during his time in Japan that he encountered the expression Ki NO Bi which describes an object where both function and elegance exist together.